Please note acknowledgements for all checks for donations or event tickets may be delayed until the Museum resumes normal operations.  We apologize that you may experience a delay in receiving a gift acknowledgement or receipt for these types of gifts.  Thank you for your continued support of the Art Museum of South Texas.


I keep saying every day is a new day, but not because I like adages. It is the reality of this different time we are living in. Just last week I was texting our City Manager assurances that we were staying open. The next day I was working with our webmaster to update the AMST website with information related to how we were addressing COVID-19 and letting the public know we would remain open. And then I woke up on Saturday morning to the news of “flattening the curve” and the “exponential power of now” and was left with no other option than to close our doors in an effort to keep our staff, membership, and visitors safe.

And now it is another new and different day and I am here to report that we are extending our closure through May 4, in order to adhere to the latest CDC and local guidance. We are hopeful that a communal compliance with the request to limit social interaction will lessen the circulation of Coronavirus.

Our staff has taken the past week to brainstorm ways we can connect to our public through art, even when we are feeling isolated from one another. One of our answers is through “Creative Distancing.” AMST is a center for innovation, vision and imaginativeness. A global pandemic, while imposing and overwhelming, can’t quiet a creative mind. Creative Distancing is our opportunity to invite aesthetically stimulating individuals in to the Museum and stand back and let them do their thing. Just a few minutes of creative fluidity within our walls, and we all start to feel better.

It’s quiet here. We miss you. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

Stay safe and stay connected (with at least a 6 foot distance),

AMST Director