Required information for students participating in the AMST Spring Break Camp

  • Is camper taking any medication that must be given at camp?
  • Is your child up-to-date on his/her vaccinations?
  • Besides parent names listed above, who else has permission to pick up your child?
  • Besides parent names and first authorized person listed above, who else has permission to pick up your child?
  • Does the Art Museum of South Texas have permission to photograph your child while participating in the Fine Art of Summer Camp activities? Photographs may be used on the AMST website, in the AMST newsletter or other Museum advertisements for promotion purposes.
  • Can you child participate in outdoor activities, weather permitting?
  • Can your child partake in drinks and snacks which may occasionally be provided by camp personnel?
  • I will notify the Art Museum of South Texas if my child is exposed to any communicable diseases during the 3 weeks prior to camp. In case of medical emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian of my child. In the event that I cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the AMST to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and/or order injection, anesthesia or surgery for my child. I also understand that authorized personnel and/or volunteers of the Art Museum of South Texas will have the care and custody of my child named above during the camp hours of 9:00am - 3:30pm and/or during Pre/After Care hours) in the following camp sessions (press CTRL and click to select more than one session):

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