Teen Art Advisory Council

AMST is forming a Teen Art Advisory Council and looking for its first members. Current high-school-age students who have an interest in art, culture, community engagement, and museum work are invited to apply. Council members will work closely with museum staff, local artists, and community leaders to plan programs, events, and other experiences for teens.

  • What name would you prefer to be called?
  • You must be an incoming or current high school student to be eligible to particpate
  • Applicant's current GPA is taken into consideration along with other factors to determine eligibility
  • Please list any organizations, groups, or clubs you belong to. These may be affiliated with your school, church or elsewhere. Please include if you are a band or choir member.
  • Please list specific interests or hobbies that you may have
  • Please tell us if you are bilingual, play an instrument, are a working artist, have worked with children before, etc.
  • You may click more than one. Please note that during the school year, activities will not be held during the school day but possibly after school or on the weekends.
  • Please click on the + sign at the end of the row to add additional rows for all 3 references.

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