Frequently Asked Questions: Qualified Charitable Distributions

Q: I’ll be 70.5 in a few weeks, can I make this gift now?

A: No. The legislation requires you to be 70.5 or older on the date you make the gift.


Q: I have multiple retirement accounts (pensions and IRAs), does it matter which account I use?

A: Yes. Qualified charitable distributions can only be made from an IRA.


Q: Can I receive the funds and then forward it to you?

A: The funds should not be deposited into your non-IRA accounts to qualify. You may have your IRA provider send a check directly to AMST.


Q: Do I need to give my entire RMD to be eligible for the tax benefits?

A: No. You can give any amount up to $100,000 to support AMST. Note that if you are donating to multiple charities $100,000 maximum still applies to the total donations.


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