Singer, Paulson, Ullberg

Water as Body: An Exhibition from the Permanent Collection

On view through September 3, 2023

Taking a cue from our impressive site on the Bay of Corpus Christi, the newest exhibition selected from the collection highlights bodies of water in many forms. Artists have looked to the horizon as metaphor, to the depths of the ocean, to the glittering surface of lakes, rivers, and streams to depict the life that exists through reflections on water. Artists work in many different media at times presenting water as the space around a subject, as Kent Ullberg’s Bluewater Hunters, n.d., bronze with blue patina. In some of the works of art, the world depicted is hyper real, as in the case of Woody Gwyn’s Sun and Sea, 2011-2012, egg tempera on clay board, or Deborah Brown’s Octopus II, 1998, oil on canvas.

In each example the viewer is invited to experience the presence of water as inspiration for content and context. In these works there is mystery, history and a wealth of ways to see it.