09/28/2021 - 01/09/2022

Ullberg Gallery

The voice that is the artist’s voice comes from one head, one heart, their own. We can see in this selection of works the observation of time, layered space, and considerations of human time in youth and in age. We play, we imagine, we imitate, and we coalesce. The voice of the art tells the story of these observations by giving visual clues that we complete as viewers.

Luis Jiménez (American 1940-2006) received his formal education from the University of Texas at Austin in art. He once studied architecture and worked in his father’s fiberglass sign shop-this is where he found his artistic footing. Primarily a sculptor, Jimenez also created dramatic and energetic drawings and lithographs. This example of his work came into the collection from a professor of law at the University of Texas. It is a self-portrait the artist made at Flatbed Press in Austin Texas and depicts the injury he sustained as a child his left eye was shot with a BB gun. Surgeries corrected his vision, but later in life, he received a glass eye. Throughout his life, he sustained a few health challenges and yet thrived to create until the end of his life when a large section of his 32 foot-high work Blue Mustang, intended for the Denver International Airport, came loose from a hoist and he was killed. The lithograph shown here is an earlier study for the larger sculpture now located at the Denver airport.

The artists showing here each reflect on who they are as individuals, and through their art, they show us observations, social commentary, and cultural commonalities.


Deborah Fullerton, AMST Curator of Exhibitions


Accessibility Information

Photo Restriction: Photography allowed in the exhibition (no flash, no tripods)
Touch Restriction: Non-touch exhibition
Exhibition Language(s): English

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