03/29/2024 - 09/15/2024
Bronze, Drawings, Metal, Oil Paintings, Painting, Prints, Sculptures, Wood


The Table of Life

Selections from the Collection

On View through September 15

When we think back to our earliest memories, we very likely reflect on memories that invoke a strong feeling. They may have a textural feel, like a sticky plastic tablecloth, or a scent like that of roses, or onions. When we look back on our lives they may appear in memory as a snapshot.

These works of art give a reference of a place where one person may be preparing a particular ingredient, or two people may be enjoying looking at a vase of flowers, or a still life of a variety of plants might hearken us back to an earlier experience in a certain place in our lives.

Commonalities between people are universal. We must eat to live, and that sustenance might do more than keep us fed, it might feed our sense of self, of our identity, or sense of love, or being loved. These encounters might ignite our senses in many ways. Is there a smell, a taste, a sound, or a texture that you respond to? Is the pattern on a cloth or painting one that takes you to an experience of your own?

There are times that an artist takes a shape from nature and reimagines it in a different material. A bulb made of plywood circles, cut just so, to make the bulbous form. Inspiration in art can lead to inspiration in sight. Reflections from glass, or metal give off a certain quality of light or reflection.  Vibrant colors exaggerate flavors as a palette made up from an appreciation for that food or experience.