12/10/2021 - 01/23/2022

Chapman and O'Connor Galleries

In the age of social media connecting to our fellow humans has become an expression of many things. Our longing, our reflections, often with appreciation and frustration. In this exhibition, we are afforded the time in history of earlier decades when in one section, Europe was the epicenter of art and the standard-bearer of what made art relevant. Since the early 20th century we can see the influence of many forms that evolved after the invention of the camera (which occurred in the late 19th century).

The genres of art seen here depict what was valued, revered, and encapsulated with directness and with thought. From the time of disappearing brushwork to the artwork affording us as viewers the steps taken to complete the work, we have come to today, where art, idea, material, and cultural observation inform us both directly and indirectly. We must look closely at times to see the intent, and to ask ourselves the how and the why and the impact of what may be a ponderable question in the vast expanse of how forms function and how images impart their visual messaging.

Deborah Fullerton, AMST Curator of Exhibitions