09/12/2024 - 01/05/2025
Mixed Media, Oil Paintings, Painting, Sculptures

Chapman, O'Connor

Target Texas: Studio Practice

On view September 12–January 5, 2025

This exhibition is part of a larger series with intent to look locally, including an artist in South Texas,  while examining artists from all over the state of Texas. This has brought artists together under a curatorial premise that includes many different medias such as: painting, photography, sculpture, mixed-media, drawing, studio-glass, and this year’s Target Texas will give a glimpse of what happens inside the artist’s place of creativity- their studio. What makes an artist’s work unique to them? This exhibition is an exploration of what it means to live in today’s world as a working artist. What keeps them coming back to the studio, to their creative lives. The exhibition will pull the curtain back into the heart of what makes these artists work in the ways they do. Using techniques, materials, and varied approaches to keep their artistic drive as interesting to them, as to encounter the end result.

Artists included in this exhibition:

Elena Rodriguez-an emerging artist who is Latina, who works in the field of art as a Curator, artist and one who is inspired in her active life. She is the local touchstone of artists.

David Catonan artist who lives in Eutopia, Texas- a place where many Texans hope to retire or experience in their downtime. These places capture his imagination and fascination. David attended University of Houston and was schooled by John Alexander who gave him a footing to look around at what was ever-present in nature, and taking it steps further to invigorate what exists, and how it moves. He also attended Yale.

Jenelle Esparza– Another emerging artist whose work has been seen in the widely acclaimed Crystal Bridges State of the Art, she was born in Corpus Christi, but now lives in San Antonio, Texas where she and her husband, Rigoberto Luna have launched Presa House Gallery a widely visited and appreciated space for emerging art, established artists and more recently international artists. Jenelle works from her personal background, honoring, elevating, and through installation and experiential approaches- places a spotlight on growing up Latina. This artist recently became the head of education at the McNay.

Kermit OliverHe is based in Waco, Texas where he worked as a US Postal employee for over 40 years, while keeping his artistic life alive. This is an artist AMST has long-followed and whose work is on the wish-list for acquisition. One of Oliver’s influences, John Biggers’ work resides in the Museum’s collection. Kermit’s life and work have been dedicated to the premise that there is a higher power whose influence is felt and seen in his enigmatic yet spiritual work through their illustration of the ways in which the spiritual moves, in belief systems such as he holds dear. His pictures include oil and watercolor.

Michael Kennaugh– a Houston-based artist whose work is seemingly abstract, spirited and fueled by real-world experiences. Often titled with referential meaning, this artist reveals through abstraction the ways that art can inspire inexplicably. Through color, form, paintings, and sculpture, Kennaugh shows that art can cross any bridge to get the heart of the matter. He is employed by the MFAH as a preparator.

Tommy Fitzpatrick– This artist lives and works in Houston and for years has been included in AMST’s permanent collection with a widely popular hyper-realistic view of the Williams Tower, Houston. An iconic building-designed by Philip Johnson, this artist has long been fascinated with the spaces that humans enter-architecture. His newest process takes us into new terrain with his spackling approach to surface, light, tension and perspective.

Join us for another educational installment of Art Unboxed, Friday September 13 from 12-2pm. Art Unboxed is the Art Museum of South Texas’ lecture and lunch series. Registration link TBA.


Photo Restriction: Photography allowed in the exhibition (no flash, no tripods)
Touch Restriction: Non-touch exhibition
Exhibition Language(s): English

For questions or more information, please contact: clayton.reuter@tamucc.edu