01/12/1978 - 02/12/1978

Art Museum of South Texas

Throughout history no name has been so closely tied to a medium as that of Rembrandt and etching. Rembrandt was the artist who truly brought this difficult medium to the public’s awareness. In so doing he influenced numerous other artists who followed his lead. This exhibition included 72 etchings by this great 17th century Dutch master and some of his followers, Jan Lievens, Pieter Lastman, Joris van Vliet, Solomon Koninck, Ferdinand Bol, and James Lutma. This exhibition, organized by the Santa Barbara Museum and the J. Paul Getty Museum was drawn from the collection of Tobert Engel of Los Angeles. Burton Fredericksen, curator of paintings at the J. Paul Getty Museum, wrote in the exhibition catalogue, “the [etching] technique founded by Rembrandt and Lievens enabled them to interpret the subjects in a more direct and a more personal way, to lend them an expression and immediacy they had not previously had.” The exhibition’s other venues were the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Art Museum of South Texas, San Jose Museum of Art, Phoenix Art Museum, and the Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego.