Corpus Christi International Airport

Currently on view at the Corpus Christi International Airport:

These art works are from the Permanent Collection of the Art Museum of South Texas and are changed out periodically. To see more of the Art Museum’s 1,952 piece-and-growing permanent collection visit us at 1902 North Shoreline Boulevard. Our two iconic buildings the Philip Johnson, and Ricardo Legorreta buildings sit like two beacons of fine art rising from the bay.


Image 1:

Veronica Castillo, “Homage to Frida”, NDR, clay and acrylic paint, 19 x 17 x 6″, Gift of Laura and Dan Boeckman. Alt text: The central tree is highly colored with acrylic and includes depictions of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her works in the miniature. A traditional tree of life sculpture with a Catrina or Mexican skeleton dressed as Frida at the front of the tree.


Image 2:

Robert Willson, “Pretty Serpent”, 1997, multi-colored glass and gold leaf, 20 x 20″, Gift of Marsha and Cliff Larsen in memory of John and Zona Hansbrough. Alt text: Multi-colored (blue, red, yellow, and white) cubes forming the body. White glass sharp teeth with mouth wide open and red tongue flicking upward and rattlesnake like tail with a dog like face. Serpent is stacked on top of itself so the rattle points up as the cubed body looks like it follows a maze to rest on the head.