08/31/2022 - 01/29/2023
Drawings, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Prints


On view August 31- January 29, 2023, in the Mezzanine

Artists make decisions to create art from a range of values and tones when they choose to employ black and white. Within this range is a wide swath of possibilities. As young students of art, one is often asked as they are developing their skills to create value ranges from the darkest dark, which might be a way that the student of art making describes a void, or a place without detail or a place of no light emanating. Within these select works artists have created a variety of results using value shifts, textures, patterns, shapes and hard and soft edges and surfaces. What this exhibition reminds the viewer is that black and white can be expressive, animated, stark, expansive, luminous, minimal, descriptive, joyful, and dramatic. Placing a limitation on an artist may often yield the most expressive potential in the result.

Accessibility Information

Photo Restriction: Photography allowed in the exhibition (no flash, no tripods)
Touch Restriction: Non-touch exhibition
Exhibition Language(s): English
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