A view of the installation, A Layered Space by Corpus Christi artist Jennifer Arnold, at Presa House in San Antonio. Jennifer Arnold’s unique photographic work will be on display at the Art Museum of South Texas in April 2020.


February 6 and 7 members of the AMST staff traveled to San Antonio to attend the opening reception for the exhibition Texas Women: A New History of Abstract Art, at the San Antonio Museum of Art. While there the staff explored art on view across the city in order to learn, enjoy, and further connect with the culture of the region. Read on for highlights of the trip…


Minimalism and Abstraction
We visited Trinity University’s newly remodeled Michael and Noémi Neidorff Art Gallery, which currently features five wall drawings designed by Sol LeWitt.
We caught up with Dorothy Hood’s work in the SAMA exhibition Texas Women. Hood’s painting Copper Signal pictured above is on loan from the AMST Permanent Collection.


Ruby City impressed with its diverse collection of contemporary and conceptual art. The work Heart of Darkness, by Cornelia Parker (detail pictured above) recalled the explosive energy of the abstractionists in Texas Women and the immersive presence of Sol LeWitt’s drawings.
A late night trip to the Paper Tiger, revealed an otherworldly performance by musician Telefon Tel Aviv. The bleak sounds and strobing visuals combined to create the feeling of an alien abduction. Our Museum Mixtapes and gallery projections are sure to be influenced.


Permanent Collection Connection
Trinity University professor Jessica Halonen generously took time to explain the collaborative process of executing Sol LeWitt’s drawings from precise written instructions. AMST’s connection to Halonen extends to our Permanent Collection which includes one of her prints titled Target 20 (suture).As you travel across Texas and the region keep an eye out for familiar art and artists. If you look closely you will be amazed at the connections you find to AMST.