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These instrumental compositions make the perfect soundtrack for exploring the exhibition Journey into Imagimation: Over a Hundred Years of Animation Art from Around the World.

cover image: Steamboat Willie; Mickey Mouse Original Animation Drawing, Studio: Walt Disney Studios; Directors: Ubbe “Ub” Eert Iwerks and Walter Elias “Walt” Disney; Producer: Roy Oliver Disney; Animator: Ubbe “Ub” Eert Iwerks, 1928, Pencil on White Animation Paper, 7 1/2″ X 10 “

These psychedelic and surreal songs will guide you through an exploration of color and form in the exhibition “Imaginings: Gifts to the Collection from Ann Harithas.”

cover image: Victor Vasarely, Untitled (for the 1972 Olympic Games) (detail) 33″ x 29”

These songs will keep the wheels turning on your next Texas road trip. Or listen while exploring the openness and opportunity evoked in the exhibition “Rivers, Streams and Skies in Texas Landscape: From the Collection.”

cover image: Ann Stautberg, 9.23.96, A.M., Texas Coast, 1999, ed 1/50

These songs by Latino and Latina artists express the energy, longing, and beat in all of our hearts. Listen while dancing through our exhibition, Selections from the Collection: Latino and Latina Heart Work.

cover image: Stephanie Mercado, Untitled (American Dream), Serigraph 48/50

These abstract and atmospheric songs by female artists recall the paintings of Dorothy Hood. Listen while gazing at Hood’s work for a trip out of this world.

cover image: Dorothy Hood, Centrifugal Orbit, 1984 oil on canvas


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